Just Above Sunset
Volume 5, Number 10
March 11, 2007

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This and That -

LA Web Cams

A live web camera showing Hollywood in real time, with The Eagles' Hotel California playing in the background. Scroll down to "Live Streaming Webcam." If you have a high-speed internet connection you can sort of be here in real time - and you can keep an eye on the Hollywood sign.

Here's a live camera at Venice Beach.  The Santa Monica Pier official site, and a live web cam.

If your internet connection is speedy this will take you to the live, real-time web camera on top of the Hollywood sign.  And here are two pages of live feed from the security cameras watching over the sign.

Watch them rebuild the nearby Griffith Park Observatory – a live, real-time web camera and check out the still photos of the current reconstruction of the building, updated frequently.

Photographers and more…

Simon Zheng -

He is a wonderful photographer - his photography site will lead you his amazing galleries. Based in Pasadena.

Don Smith –

You will find his stunning photographs of Paris at Left Bank Lens from Paris.  Don also teaches photography workshops in Paris – Paris Photo Workshops (a gallery of student works here). Over at Visit Paris he has travelogues and trip planning information.

Martin Schall sends this link to his gallery of Sunset Boulevard Photos.  This is my neighborhood, and we cover some of the same odd places

Emmanuelle Richard is a French freelance journalist who had been based in Los Angeles since 1998.  She covers news in the western United States for French radio (France Info, France Inter) and Swiss radio (Radio Suisse Romande).  She writes regularly for the daily Libération.  Her bilingual (French-English) web log is here - with daily entries since October 2000.  She once said nice things about Just Above Sunset there, and I soon saw logons from France, the Netherlands, Germany and Portugal. 

Hugh O'Mara - Artworks

Hugh O'Mara is here in Hollywood and been creating artworks since 1974.

    What sort? "I work in a variety of styles and media. My subject matter is varied.  I refer to this approach as 'symbolism and surrealism meets folk art and some other things' - a lot of things, anything and everything."

    Visit his site.  He found Just above Sunset, and I found his site.

Gros Morne National Park - A writer's adventures in Newfoundland

    Deborah Vatcher, whose fiction has appeared in Just Above Sunset, here visits Newfoundland in a long, meditative piece with wonderful photographs and drawings.

This is Louisa Chu's Moveable Feast   

    The blog explains itself.  Louisa is in Paris, at the center of the gastronomical world, so to speak, having just finished a stint at Restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee.  These are insider details.

    I have known Louisa for a few years and we trade emails about food and Paris now and then.  I haven't seen her years, but you can hear her sometimes out here, reporting from Paris for the weekend "Food News Hour" on the radio out here - on KCRW.

Heather Stimmler-Hall - Secrets of Paris - a monthly newsletter and much more.  We correspond and crosslink.

A detailed guide to some great restaurants in France -

    Rick Brown, whose comments often appear here in Just Above Sunset publishes a website in Atlanta called City-Directory.  There you will find The Fire & The Hearth  - billed as "An occasional newsletter devoted to food, wine, and those things that make for a good life" (and named after a short story by William Faulkner), in which host Randy Harber - gourmet chef and globe-trotting bon vivant who, in his spare time, helps run CNN's internal 'wire service' - reviews eateries visited during his recent sojourn to Paris and the French (not Texan) countryside."

Other forums, other audiences...
Interested in some Canadian writing?  You might want to check out The Writers' Collective, or maybe even join - I don't think you have to live in Sarnia or Moosejaw or Mississauga or any place like that.

 The world as seen from Just Above Sunset -

"Notes on how things seem from out here in Hollywood..."

Pages of Links -

Sources for Political Commentary and News Before It Hits The Major Media (the Political Blog list)

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