Just Above Sunset
April 2, 2006 - Hollywood Storefronts

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Hollywood Boulevard Details

The date, Thursday, March 30, 2006.

The time, ten in the morning.

The location, the six thousand block of Hollywood Boulevard, where this woman is chatting on her cell phone - and of course no one turns right in Hollywood, where all the liberals are. In the far background you can just make out The Montecito (1930, Marcus Miller) up on Franklin, where at one time or another James Cagney, Mickey Rooney, Geraldine Page, Rip Torn, George C. Scott and Ronald Reagan once lived, but now it's a retirement home.

The boulevard is still waking up. The security doors are stenciled with the images of dead celebrities.



















Betty Grable? Who remembers her? And what's this about Dickies?

Hollywood Boulevard Details

Betty Grable and Scientology, together at last? Who'd have guessed? Take the stress test, as Betty may have raised your blood pressure. And maybe Tom Cruise will drop by.

Hollywood Boulevard Details

The late, flamboyant and seriously strange pianist from Milwaukee presides over his potted plant. Egyptian gifts? What?

Hollywood Boulevard Details

The "Hollywood Madam," Heidi Fleiss, is gone from the scene - after her three years in federal prison she now lives in Nevada, running her reverse brothel, for women, and hawking trashy lingerie on the internet. She gets her door. Why not?

Hollywood Boulevard Details

But let's get serious. Sunset Boulevard runs parallel to Hollywood Boulevard, and down there, on the same block, we get this, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights and its "Psychiatry: Industry of Death" museum. It's more likely you'll find Tom Cruise here. These are Scientology outfits, and "human rights" is not used here in its usual political sense. Don't take pills to make you feel better. Whatever.
But it looks impressive, and makes for a pleasant visual composition.

Scientology outfits on Sunset Boulevard

It's all magic and theater back up on Hollywood Boulevard.

Hollywood Boulevard Details

Hollywood Boulevard Details

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