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Contributor's Guidelines


Hardly any.  Use your spell-checker. 


The type of content I'm looking for?  Thoughtful essays or wild rants, from the liberal left or conservative far right, or anything that falls between the two.  I won't edit anything based on politics.  Reviews are fine.  And media notes, on the news business, are fine too.  Poetry?  Sure.  Fiction?  Well , if I can fit it in.  Photographs?  Fine.


Any text format is fine.  I'll convert what I must.  Photographs should probably be in JPG format, but I like challenges.  If you send BMP or GIF or TIFF files I'll make them work.


There is of yet no policy on rights (such as, can authors reprint their work elsewhere?) because this is just for fun.  Or it is just for fun so far.

Payment?  No. 

The Just Above Sunset Corner
The Just Above Sunset Corner

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