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April 30, 2006 - Palms

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On Sunset Boulevard, next to Tower Records, two five-story office buildings, connected and given a new look, inside and out, by Frank Gehry, the architect who designed the swooping Disney Hall Here he's all angles, for the headquarters of a new Barry Diller company, interactive stuff.  Whatever.  The palm is cool.

Palm reflected in window, Sunset Strip

The palm's own geometry is interesting. 

Palm trunk...

Here's one at the old Fredrick's of Hollywood building up on Hollywood Boulevard.  It's vacant.  They moved a block east to a new building, not Art Deco at all, like this one.

Palm, Fredrick's of Hollywood, Hollywood Boulevard

A classic scene on Hollywood Boulevard – the palm in context.


Back to the start –

Palm reflected in window, Sunset Strip

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