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May 14, 2006 - Les Fleurs du Mal

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"Even the most beautiful flowers are spoiled in their centre by hairy sexual organs." - Georges Bataille (not Charles Baudelaire)

For a giggle see Ned Denny in the New Statesman here, on the Dada roots of Surrealism –


In the 1920s Georges Bataille's art magazine Documents embraced all that was "soiled, senile, rank, sordid" in western civilization.

... Bataille thus stayed closer to the surrealists' roots in Dada, that primal howl which rose out of Zurich in the depths of the First World War. The black soil to surrealism's wildly exotic flower, Dada prescribed strange chants and the ancestral throb of drums as remedies for a culture engaged in ritual self-slaughter. Enlightenment and the march of reason having led to a mass grave (both literally and psychologically), Dadaism sought a solution in the healing powers of so-called darkness.

... In many respects, Bataille's Documents magazine ... was a continuation of the Dadaist onslaught against cultural somnambulism. In it, he wrote that "horror alone is brutal enough to break what is stifling," a statement that communicates the essence of his aesthetic. If the European mind had indeed become a "whited sepulchre" (as Marlow describes the unnamed city in Conrad's Heart of Darkness), cracking it open would require formidable tools.


Just flowers here, in front of an apartment building on the southwest corner of Beverly and Sycamore, a few miles west of downtown Los Angeles, Saturday, May 13, 2006, about ten in the morning –

Bloom, Beverly and Sycamore, Los Angeles

Bloom, Beverly and Sycamore, Los Angeles

Bloom, Beverly and Sycamore, Los Angeles

Blooms, Beverly and Sycamore, Los Angeles

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