Just Above Sunset
May 21, 2006 - Two Contrasting Settings

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The setting?  Leave Malibu, heading north on Pacific Coast Highway with the big ocean on your left, but slow down and turn right at Corral Canyon Road.  A quarter-mile up the hill is Solstice Canyon Park  - "a place where nature greets you with the sights and sounds of a babbling brook set amidst towering alder and sycamore trees. Green leaves surround you like a giant cocoon, even in hot, dry summers, filling you with a sense of peace and solitude."  The link has a map.  It's just been reopened, and there's a new bridge that allows Steelhead trout to swim unhindered up and down the creek.  It's very quiet there. These are from Thursday, May 18, 2006.

Wildflowers, Solstice Canyon Park, Malibu

Wildflowers, Solstice Canyon Park, Malibu

Tree in bloom, Solstice Canyon Park, Malibu

Wildflowers, Solstice Canyon Park, Malibu

Coastal oak, Solstice Canyon Park, Malibu

In the shadows at Will Rogers Memorial Park on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills, at the north end of Rodeo Drive, just across the street from the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Polo Lounge – the heavy loud Sunset Boulevard traffic ripping by the whole time. Tuesday May 16, 2006.

Shade blooms, Will Rogers Memorial Park on Sunset

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