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March 5, 2006 - A Mountain Lion in Los Angeles

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About These Photos:


John Slater I worked together for a few years in Pasadena.  He lives just north, in Altadena, a small township bordered by Pasadena on the south, the Angeles National Forest on the north and sandwiched between La Cañada and Sierra Madre on the west and east respectively.  John explains, "access to mountain trails and nature walks, complete with streams and bridges, are found through the township.  Arroyo Seco, arguable the most popular one begins at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and winds into the forest for many miles."  And here from July 2003, he sends some photos (and see this page for his August 2004 shots of the annual Pasadena Street Art Festival).


John's neighbor is Zachary Bovinette.  Who?


He made the news, in this story from Reuters, Tuesday, February 28th


Guess what Zachary Bovinette found in his yard early on Monday morning? A mountain lion.


Bovinette said he was looking out of his kitchen window in a Los Angeles suburb when he saw his cat on a roof outside looking "most eager to get back in."


About 15 feet (4.5 meter) behind him was the 65-pound (29 kilogram) mountain lion.


Later, the big cat snoozed away unfazed by a gathering crowd of onlookers in the Los Angeles suburb of Altadena.


A nearby school was closed as a precaution.


Well, a fellow from the California Department of Fish and Game got to about six feet of the beast and tranquilized it.  The mountain lion had tried to run away but, sizing up the situation and all these people all over the place, just hid behind a row of trash cans in the front yard.  Wouldn't you?


Reuters quotes John's neighbor: "He was such a well-behaved cat. He did not move and just fell asleep."


The sleeping mountain lion was taken away and released into the Angeles National Forest.  CNN covers the story here with a link to a KABC video of the whole event.


John sent along photos from Bovinette, with this comment –


We all had an exciting morning.  The Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies were repeatedly cautioned, not to "Dick Chaney" the crowd in the event the lion bolted in their direction.


And he said Zach Bovinette was okay with posting his notes and photos here.




7:00 AM - mountain lion lying on the block wall outside the kitchen

7:10 AM - he drops down into the flower bed stays put for three and a half hours.

11:15 -11:30 AM - Fish and Game leans over the block wall with a "jab" pole, sticks the cat in the shoulder.  He popped out into the front yard facing a small army of rifles and shotguns with slugs, and then jumped back to the walkway below the kitchen windows.  Looked up at me taking picture then walked over to the pad where the trash cans belong and laid down.  Thee minutes later... out cold.

11:35 AM - picture time.


Background Notes:


Sheriff called Fish and Game - blocked off Pine Street, Palm Street, and put Edison School into lockdown - called in air support to track the cat as he could run a half mile before the tranquilizer takes effect - no direct shot at the cat - Fish and Game man really risked his neck to save this animal, as at the time he jabbed him, he was about two feet directly above the cat, leaning over the wall from my neighbor's yard.  Gave all my footage to KTLA - Jamie Chambers.  So Channel 5 has footage that no one else will have.  Indicated it may go to CNN also.


CNN covered it.  It made the international press.  Another day in paradise…


The shots:

Mountain Lion, Altadena, 27 February 2006

Mountain Lion, Altadena, 27 February 2006

Mountain Lion, Altadena, 27 February 2006

Mountain Lion, Altadena, 27 February 2006

Mountain Lion, Altadena, 27 February 2006

Mountain Lion, Altadena, 27 February 2006

Mountain Lion, Altadena, 27 February 2006



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