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March 5, 2006 - Sherlock

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Thursday, March 2nd, while on a photo shoot to get some good pre-Oscar digital images of the famous Hollywood sign and historic Hollywoodland (see these), I met Sherlock. Sherlock is a Hollywood dog, a purebred bloodhound, a "red" in this case, and a very pleasant beast. And his owners provided insider advice on the best way to get up close to the big sign on the hill. They also suggested Sherlock pose with the Hollywood sign - and he was happy to do so, as you can see.

Sherlock Holmes had his Toby for tough cases. Raymond Chandler's Phillip Marlow, hanging around Hollywood untangling mysteries, should have had his Sherlock, this one, although The Big Sleep might have been Sherlock snoozing. Surely, William Faulkner, when puzzling over the screenplay, could have found room for a lovable bloodhound somewhere in there.

Sherlock, the Hollywood bloodhound...

Sherlock, the Hollywood bloodhound...

Sherlock, the Hollywood bloodhound...


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