Just Above Sunset
November 28, 2004 - The Champs-Elysées as the Christmas lights are now up...

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Ric Erickson of MetropoleParis takes us on a tour of the Champs-Elysées as the Christmas lights are now up. 


His note from Paris -


Friday night in Paris as the gray turns to blue and the Champs-Elysées' lights come up, for the entertainment and illumination of many automobilistas using the avenue as a commute pathway to the evening, or for the people of the world visiting a transient paradise.


'Take my photo?'  Sure thing chica!


Way to Saint-Honoré?  At your service, mademoiselle.


This is the Champs-Elysées, everybody's avenue of dreams.



The avenue, as it always looks in December… and as many of us remember it.  Yes, the name roughly translates as the Elysian Fields, where, if you remember your Greek mythology, is where honored dead heroes find everything wonderful.  And this looks wonderful.  Ric is bringing back fond memories here.

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The veiled Christmas tree at Cartier…

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Translation?  Santa’s Workshop.

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A French snowman...

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I remember this well, as for several years I would fly over and do solo Christmas shopping in Paris.  I do miss Christmas in Paris, as do many with whom I correspond.  At Ric’s site here you can see some of that correspondence.  For a rundown of this year’s events there, see Scène Noël – Sneak Preview at Ric’s site.  And check back often as he adds more detail.



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