Just Above Sunset
August 7, 2005 - The Unusual

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Our Eye on Paris is Don Smith, a professional photographer who leads photo workshops in Paris and who is the editor of the weekly photo magazine Left Bank Lens.

  Photos and text, Copyright 2005 – Don Smith, All Rights Reserved


A rare, most likely 1961, Morris Wolesey Hornet

A rare, most likely 1961, Morris Wolesey Hornet. 

Paris shop window says it all....

I think the text on this shop window says it all.

Paris shutters...

Maybe the owner of the No Good Window should meet the owner of the No Good Shutter.

Paris street scene with mattress (filming)

The aim of this shot was two fellows bringing a mattress into a building.  After it was done, they were taking it out for another take.

Filming in Paris on the streets...

During a lull in the action a lady gets a peek through a Panavision camera.

Tex-Mex in Paris

This place could be good but trust me.  Avoid the Tex-Mex chains in town because you could drink their hottest salsa like mineral water.   Hey, it's the land of delicate sauces, what do you want?


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