Just Above Sunset
Volume 5, Number 10
March 11, 2007

Sand (a poem)

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Just Above Sunset has never had a poetry section.  In the first year one or two were published, but no one has contributed any since then.  Philips Raines, however, offers the following.

His comment -

    I have had poems published in compilations and have featured at spoken word venues, and yesterday I had a poem published in a local paper.  A friend, a long time band mate and poetry activist, submitted a poem I sent for another compilation. 

    I would never try to convert anybody towards an enjoyment of poetry - like converting some one toward atheism or Christianity.  I came by it naturally.  My father would read me poems for bedtime stories, probably because they were brief, but I would pester him to read to me because I preferred his reading voice to my mother's. Now it seems what I excel in mostly as a writer is digression - tributaries branching from a stream of consciousness.  I've written lyrics lately, but not a poem for a couple of years.  I love hearing them read aloud, though - and read Prufrock aloud, or out loud, twice a year, usually alone -an odd regimen.

    So far this poem has only been published in the print version of the paper "The Atlanta Story" - but not the website storygroup.com. 


    When slumber falls into sleep
    and lifts into unremembered
    dreams, then your eyes
    become a thousand colors and
    and beauty that resides inside you
    rises clear like the vapor
    between your face and
    oasis water cupped in your hands.
    As liquid rendezvous
    with your thirst I would come
    to grips with this thick velvet
    column of your spirit.
    Bits of light like foil mist of
    drizzled glitter fall and I am
    coated like a zillion silver
    lizards that slither through the sand 

      - Phillip Raines © 2002

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[Sand (a poem)]

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