Just Above Sunset
Volume 5, Number 10
March 11, 2007

Words and Symbols

 The world as seen from Just Above Sunset -

"Notes on how things seem from out here in Hollywood..."

Words and Symbols

Words: On the back of a Walk, Don't Walk signal on Melrose Avenue, a band slapped their sticker - Sounds Like Disaster. If this reflects their attitude - rebels expressing just how awful this world really is and what the authentic response should be - fine. It's punk rock tradition. If it's an admission of their skill level, that's another matter.

You have to assume the name was carefully chosen, not the result of using this random band name generator - each time you refresh the page you get new names you can call your post-punk beyond-new-wave band. It just produced Order of The Movable Dog, and A Fistful of Mice, and Venomous Furniture, and Stack of Noises, and Invisible Bone. Other bands may be cheating.

In any event, this is the Los Angeles alternative music scene in one image.

Stickers - Melrose Avenue

Symbols: A trashcan across the street. You don't even need the words.

Trash here - Melrose Avenue

If you use any of these photos for commercial purposes I assume you'll discuss that with me.

These were shot with a Nikon D70 - using lens (1) AF-S Nikkor 18-70 mm 1:35-4.5G ED, or (2) AF Nikkor 70-300mm telephoto, or after 5 June 2006, (3) AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor, 55-200 mm f/4-5.6G ED. They were modified for web posting using Adobe Photoshop 7.0

The original large-format raw files are available upon request.

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