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April in Paris

"It's hard to take a bad photo in Paris."  That's what Matt Fusco says.  He and his wife, Peggy, returned with these shots.  April in Paris - and side trip to Chartres. Some of us prefer Paris in December, but maybe Vernon Duke and E. Y. Harburg were onto something with that song from 1932.  Seventy-five years later it still looks good.

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Paris - Notre Dame

Looking east from the top of Notre Dame on Easter Sunday

Looking east from the top of Notre Dame on Easter Sunday

What is the collective noun for gargoyles?

Gargoyles- Notre Dame - Paris

In France even the gargoyles eat grapes

Gargoyles- Notre Dame - Paris

Gargoyle and the Tour Montparnasse

Gargoyle - Notre Dame - Paris

Cherry blossoms in front of Notre Dame. Peggy took this picture.

Notre Dame - Paris

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