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Guest Photography - Canandaigua

More from upstate New York, from a friend who works as an attorney in Rochester, but lives a bit south, down in the Finger Lakes area - Canandaigua

Spring may be coming? - "A willow and Bear Mountain. Bear Mountain is the birth place of the Seneca Nation of Indians - that's Lake Canandaigua.”

Willow, Bear Mountain, and Lake Canandaigua - March 2007

"Our barn here at Barnum's Gulch…"

Barn in snow, Barnum's Gulch, New York

"A creek on Seneca Point, last week during the thaw…"

Creek on Seneca Point, thaw runoff, March 2007

"The free speech area at the Canandaigua town dump. The dump is the center of community activity on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and attracts lots of politicians and others during election time."

The free speech area at the Canandaigua town dump

"Leonard and Matt Colf - local farmers at the Company Store this morning." [18 March 2007 - 7:46 am]

Leonard and Matt Colf - local farmers, Canandaigua, New York

Photos and quoted text, Copyright © 2007 - Matthew J. Fusco, all rights reserved

Shooting Data

Camera - Canon Powershot SD550

Dates - The willow and creek, 13 March 2007, the others, 18 March 2007


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