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Thursday, February 7, 2008 Chinatown's Day

On February 7 it was in the morning paper

    This weekend, Chinese New Year celebrations will usher in the Year of the Rat, 4706 (the good news: the rat is the bringer and protector of material prosperity; the bad news: it's also associated with war, pestilence and atrocities). The festival includes the annual Golden Dragon Parade - the 109th, if you're counting - pan-Asian entertainers, food, games, a car show and a 5/10K run.

The Golden Dragon Parade, Hill Street to Broadway, is scheduled for Saturday afternoon, but the New Year actually started on Thursday.  That was the day to visit Los Angeles' Chinatown strings of firecrackers popping in the distance, lots of kids about, and outrageous sunshine.

Los Angeles' Chinatown - old sign at plaza
Los Angeles' Chinatown - man reading lcoal newspaper
Los Angeles' Chinatown - mural derail
Los Angeles' Chinatown - parasols
Los Angeles' Chinatown - "Good Luck"
Los Angeles' Chinatown - Chinese coins for good luck
Los Angeles' Chinatown - poster
Los Angeles' Chinatown - New Year poster

Yes, Sun Yat-Sen ...

Los Angeles' Chinatown - Sun Yat-Sen statue

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